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American Dental Designs is a full-service dental laboratory, providing high-quality work and products. We’ve been serving the dental community for over 30 years with exceptional experience and knowledge.

We pride ourselves in understanding your business and we’ll build our business around your needs. We understand that your chair time is important to you. We’ll minimize it by providing excellent craftsmanship and service.

We specialize in dental implant prosthesis and work with all the major implant companies. This, coupled with our investment in training to fabricate customized abutments, as well as stocking them, allows us to successfully complete your implant cases.

We strive to provide you with complete case assistance and make ourselves available to answer any and all of your questions.

From dentures, crowns, bridges, implants to hybrid work, we’re here to offer you excellent quality work, service, and competitive pricing that you can expect from your dental lab.

Customer Service

At American Dental Designs, we believe the perfect arrangement begins with communication. Here, we take the personal approach – where you can enjoy exceptional attention and superior service that will keep you smiling.

Our goal is to help you get back to the best part of your practice – your patients. For your convenience, we’ve included our printable prescription forms that are located at the top or bottom of our website.

Our American Dental Designs delivery team is available to serve you Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) to provide you with pick-up and delivery to and from your office. Our personal delivery routes cover most local cities, up to 50 miles from our location. If your office is not covered by a delivery personnel, we also provide FedEx to handle the pick-up and delivery of your cases. Please contact us (215) 393-8330 for more information.


Our Lab

We love to work & we love where we work. Beautiful smiles are your profession. Making them is ours. Precision beyond satisfaction!

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American Dental Designs uses the latest advancements in technology to design and create dental restorations with CAD/ CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing). Our CAD/CAM technicians make ceramic crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, and more. Our lab currently accepts digital impressions through Connect via Dentsply Sirona®, 3Shape TRIOS®, Carestream®, and Align Tech iTero®.

Here at American Dental Designs, we use CAD/CAM to design and print 3-D models of the tooth or teeth. Once it’s designed, the restoration is milled in our milling department. Then it goes to our sintering department, where our technicians bake them overnight.

Research suggests that today’s milled CAD/ CAM restorations are more durable than those milled from earlier materials and they’re less likely to fracture.

Want to learn more about our CAD/CAM technology? Call us at (215) 393-8330. Our CAD/CAM technicians are here to answer your questions.


American Dental Designs is proud to unveil Clear Met Partial®, our newest and most comfortable alternative to cast partial frameworks.

  • Extremely durable
  • Stain resistant (no odor)
  • Invisible
  • Amazing comfort
  • FDA approved
  • Simplistic adjustment (minimal) and polishing
  • Tooth bearing (not tissue bearing due to rest)
  • Casted partial (two-step process)
  • Reline chairside or at the lab

This high aesthetic framework solution is both strong and comfortable for patients. American Dental Designs proudly offers a 2-year warranty against fractures on all Clear Met Partial® frameworks.

Want to learn more about Clear Met Partial®? Call us at (215) 393-8330. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Technical Support

Case Planning

We treat each case with individual attention. We can assist you with everyday cases to very difficult and challenging ones. Call us or email us about planning your case! Our commitment is to team up and achieve the best outcome for your patient.

We believe the more we know, the better we can perform. American Dental Designs’ technicians continue certification and education classes to excel in to this rapidly changing industry.

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